Orange Line Safety

Proper Behavior

  • Smoking is prohibited on all vehicles. If such an occurrence happens, a hearing with the Disciplinary Committee may be scheduled.
  • Exact fare must be paid when boarding. Drivers do not make change.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in all Citrus County Transit vehicles.
  • No littering in the vehicles.
  • Seat belts - All passengers are advised to wear seat belts.
  • No distracting the driver while Citrus County Transit bus is in motion.
  • No radios, cassette tape, CD players, or sound-generating equipment are to be played "aloud" aboard the vehicle. Riders must use earphones or headphones when using these types of devices.
  • Violent, disruptive or illegal behavior will not be tolerated. Passengers who are physically or verbally abusive to drivers or other passengers, or are otherwise disruptive, will be subject to disciplinary action which may lead to suspension of service. If necessary, Citrus County Transit staff will contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities to have a disruptive individual removed from the vehicle.
  • Service animals may ride at no additional charge but must be properly controlled. Riders are responsible for the behavior and hygiene needs of the service animal. Service can be refused or discontinued if a service animal is seriously disruptive or violent.
  • Shirts and Shoes - Passengers are required to wear shirt and shoes.
  • For general information, complaints or problems that are not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged at 1-800-983-2435.
  • Customer Service: Call Citrus County Transit at 352-527-7630 for additional information or comments on our services. We value your feedback.